Student Diversity


ESSYI values the diversity of its participants both individually and collectively.

One of the best things about ESSYI is just how diverse the student participants are as a whole. Each year we attract students from 15-20 different states and at least three or four countries. Student participants come from urban, suburban and rural settings. While we share a common interest in the environment, some students are more interested in science and policy, whereas others lean in the direction of creative writing or the arts. In addition, many students combine a number of interests, in both their academic and personal lives.

We also work to support student diversity on the individual level as well. We welcome students of all racial, ethnic, nationality, and cultural backgrounds. We recognize and celebrate diversity in terms of sexual orientation and/or gender identity. We have students from a wide variety of religious backgrounds and we consistently work with students who require specific accommodations because of learning disabilities.

Throughout ESSYI, we strive to create learning environments and situations in which students feel free to respectfully express different ideas, opinions, and worldviews. We encourage all students to apply and want you to recognize that we are a community of people who welcome, accept, and celebrate you for who you are.