HWS: Preparing Students for Lives of Consequence


Faculty Perspectives About "Why HWS?"

Both Nan Arens and Nick Ruth, featured here, are ESSYI faculty.


Fribolin Farm and HWS Solar Farm

ESSYI students visit both the Fribolin Farm and the HWS Solar Farm.


Aquaponics at HWS

Jeff Rizza (MAT '17, HWS '16) was a four time member of the ESSYI college student staff.


Incredible Moments: Invasion Ecology

During ESSYI, Associate Professor of Biology Meghan Brown is one of the faculty leading the trip out on the W.S. Scandling research vessel for the session entitled Aquatic Biology of Seneca Lake.


Incredible Moments: Geo230 - Earth History

During ESSYI Associate Professor of Geoscience Nan Arens takes students to Zurich Bog; a protected natural area and quaking bog that is an ideal place to have conversations about biodiversity and protecting natural areas.