Global Climate Change

How does ESSYI address global climate change? 


We know the climate is changing AND we know that humans are responsible. The changes we are witnessing and experiencing have unprecedented implications for almost every aspect of our lives. Global climate change is the focus of several sessions during ESSYI, but it is also integrated into a number of other sessions.

For example, while at ESSYI… 

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Professor Nick Metz breaks down the science behind to climate change and makes sure every student is knowledgeable regarding the challenges we face.

Professors Scott Brophy and Steven Lee challenge students to students explore the philosophical and ethical implications of their personal environmental worldview.  



Professor Tom Drennen illustrates a number of concepts and topics in environmental economics and green energy. For example, he helps students to explore energy use among institutions, global fossil fuel reserves, and the viability of permit trading for carbon.

Professor Whitney Mauer reveals some of the ways in which indigenous cultures respond to our rapidly changing environment and how the cost of global climate change is different for communities living in developing countries.  



Standing on a mountain of garbage at a local landfill, Professor Darrin Magee examines some of issues related to the geography of garbage and how our daily lives often exacerbate the challenge of waste disposal. 


How will ESSYI help you become better equipped to address climate change? 


Ultimately, our goal is to help you understand and use a specific process of environmental problem solving. By the end of the program, you will be able to:  

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Articulate environmental problems in ways that are clear and accessible 

Collect and analyze relevant data (scientific, social science, economic, demographic, etc.) 



Develop solutions that integrate multiple perspectives and address the concerns of multiple stakeholders 

Evaluate the practicality and viability of proposed solutions 


Throughout the program, ESSYI faculty explore a variety of environmental issues, global climate change, and the ways in which problems manifest themselves in a wide variety of contexts.