Jim makinster, Ph.D.
Executive Director

This summer will be my 17th year participating in the program and my 12th year as Director. My teaching reflects my interests in science education, environmental issues, geospatial technology, the National Parks and science teacher professional development.

One thing I’ve come to appreciate during my time at the Colleges is the power of a single experience. A student’s life can be transformed by studying abroad, an internship, a specific class, an honors project, an apprenticeship, or a mentor. ESSYI has precisely this effect on our students. They leave as different people. They see themselves differently. They see the world differently. They become empowered in terms of their day-to-day lives, their academic goals, and what they can imagine as potential careers. I hope you join us!


Paul Kehle, Ph.D.
Summer director

I am fascinated by mathematics, cognition, teacher education, and mathematics education in particular. I conduct collaborative research with undergraduate students and with high school teachers and their students. I have participated in ESSYI for a number of years, and this is my second year as the summer director.


Susan cushman, Ph.D.
Adirondacks Director

I direct the four day trip to the Adirondacks and have been involved in ESSYI for the past five years. I am a biologist who studies streams, the organisms that live within and around stream channels, and how the way we use the land within a stream’s watershed impacts who lives there.

Kirsten Burrall
Program Manager

I manage the administrative and logistical aspects of ESSYI, including the office. My interests include my work as an artist, the outdoors and travel. If you have any questions about the program, please give me a call.